Monday, August 21, 2006

Long Family Reunion... or 'my weekend as an NFR'

We spent the past weekend at Silver Springs Campground in Rio at the Annual Long Family (Signe's mom's side) Reunion. We arrived Friday afternoon and were there until Sunday around 1. My designated official status for the weekend was 'NFR', which means 'not related'. Trevor's girlfriend Tia was the only other NFR in the group, so we were pretty well outnumbered.

Friday late afternoon brought rain, and the rest of the evening was damp. The tent took on a little water, but the double-height air mattress kept us above the moisture.

Dinner Friday was chicken with bacon, cheese and bbq sauce... quite yummy. We retired to the fire pit and spent the evening sitting around the fire and chatting until bedtime.

Saturday morning came early, and the weather was very strange. The sun and clouds couldn't decide who was in charge, and the temperature was all over the board. Eventually, things settled down to a perfect day.

Saturday was the beanbag tournament. Karl was paired with Alec. Sig was paired with Connor. Sig's dad Pete and his partner, cousin Max took the championship, beating Trevor and Tommy in the second game of a double-elimination match. The tournament started at around 10:30 and didn't finish until almost 3:30.

Lunch was served after the tournament, and it was quite a large spread. By the time everyone was done eating and cleaning up, it was early evening, and we broke up for some lounge time. Most everyone was at the pool at one point or another, and the soaker balls provided an opportunity for some spirited competition (note to Connor: my mouth is still sore, and I will get even).

Saturday night saw most of the group head to the common area for the dance, and some of us "old folks" stayed at the camp for another fire and some s'mores.

The rest of the group came back around 11:30 and we gradually retired to our sleeping quarters. Saturday night was quite chilly, and we were happy that we brought an extra blanket "just in case".

Sunday morning brought bright sunshine, and we got up, had breakfast and broke camp. Once the goodbyes were over and the car was packed, we headed to the pool for one last swim. The trip home was uneventful, with a stop at the Mineshaft in Hartford for a late lunch/early dinner.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Post!

Just created the blog this morning... thought this would be easier than setting up a server (well... at least until we get into the condo).

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear from you!

Karl and Signe